Jabalbina Rangers

Jabalbina Rangers are funded by the Australian and Queensland governments, supplemented by various fee for service jobs.

The Jabalbina Yalanji Ranger Program is managed by Jabalbina under the guidance of Eastern Kuku Yalanji Elders and Traditional Owners. We currently have 11 full time rangers working at one of our three (3) ranger bases throughout the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Native Title area. Our rangers are based in Mossman, Ayton and Shipton’s Flat, with the main administrational office in Mossman.

The Jabalbina Yalanji Rangers manage land and sea within the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). Our Rangers are kept busy with a vast area to manage. Duties which are carried out by our rangers can be viewed below.

Jabalbina Rangers complete the following jobs:

  • Weed control and vegetation management
  • Fire management,Revegetation
  • Feral animal management
  • Managing walking and vehicle tracks
  • Clear, monitor and maintain sacred places in consultation with Elders
  • Junior ranger camps and activities
  • Assist with cultural heritage surveys and recordings
  • Visitor management and patrols
  • Work together on land and sea management with neighbours, scientists and staff from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services and other government agencies
  • Monitoring land and sea
  • Participate in Eastern Kuku Yalanji Indigenous Protected Area meetings, cultural camps and educating the community, tourists and school children about the Eastern Kuku Yalanji IPA and Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger Program
  • Clearing away rubbish and marine debris
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