Jabalbina's Board of Directors

Jabalbina is governed by a Board of six Directors representing the three main clan groups.

A male and a female Director are appointed from each of the three primary dialect groups Jalunji, Nyungkul or Yalanji. The Directors meet regularly (at least quarterly) for one or two days depending on the volume and priority of matters requiring their consideration. Given the limited staffing resources available, Directors provide much needed input into the operational as well as the strategic operations of the corporation.

Jabalbina also consist of a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson which are elected by the Directors. Our Chairperson is Lynette Johnson and Deputy Chairperson is Michelle Friday.

Our current Board of Directors


Colin Doughboy

Lynette Johnson


Desmond Tayley

Michelle Friday


Cliff Harrigan

Maryanne Port

Jabalbina Board of Directors and CEO

Previous Board held at the Jabalbina Office Mossman 21st April 2017

Left to Right:

Jim Turnour (Previous - CEO), Peter Wallace, Warren Kulka , Fiona Jose, Emma Burchill, Gail Barry. (Absent Charlie Mallie).

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